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Barbara Stanley shared her first post.

I am selling a load of renaissance flutes, made by me. Also 2 baroque flutes. Buyer collects. Contact me for details

Colin Baldy

8 May at 11:45

Do any of my friends know of a school chapel or church looking for a new organ? We have to find a new home for this beautiful little one manual and pedal by Hey Orgelbau. It's only had 2.5 years' use and is immaculate. Will last for centuries. Long story but it's tied up with Brexit...

Offers in the region of £45,000.

The builders reckon about £2,000 to move it.


You may remember the sad news of Finchcocks closure last year, and the sale of the collection. Well there is some more positive news, from Emma Williams at Finchcocks:

In an interesting turn of events, Finchcocks' doors have been opened to the public once again. Part of the historic manor has been transformed into a contemporary piano school - offering weekend and week-long piano courses for adults of all abilities.

We're a brand new business hoping to keep the music alive at Finchcocks so your help would be much appreciated.

(courtesy of South West Early Music Forum)

Emily Baines (Guildhall School)

23 February at 18:12

ANNOUNCEMENT ALERT!!!!We have a new and extremely exciting keyboard scholarship - please have a look at the link below...

Victoria Helby

25 January at 17:51

Meissen Porcelain Flute
George III played the flute whilst convalescing at Kew Palace. This beautiful Meissen flute may have belonged to hi
m. It is unusual as it is made of porcelain rather than wood. Watch flautist Ashley Solomon explain why a porcelain flute can be a challenge to play.

Evelyn Nallen evelynnallen@gmail.comHide


This is to let you know that the Weaver Dance Company, whose very successful production of The Loves of Mars and Venus has now played from the south coast to North Yorkshire, including two performances in London as well as one in Cambridge on the exact 300th birthday to the day of the very first ballet, has a new website!

Please do take a look.

Hope you like it. Also please note that the web address has changed.

Victoria Helby

13 December at 15:30

Wonderful pictures of instruments from 1497

Hear their musical instruments selection. Enjoy the large array of wind and string instruments, organs...

Lizzie Gutteridge

12 December at 10:12

I'm selling some instruments to help out a friend. Feel free to share and tag and if you'd like more info either message me or email


Instruments for sale

Helping a friend to find new homes for some old instruments. Please pm me if you are interested in a...

Victoria Helby

21 November at 12:17

Read this if you play medieval or renaissance music.

Ian Harrison: My teaching philosophy at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis

One of my jobs is a small teaching post in the Mediaeval Music Department of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis...

Victoria Helby

27 November at 09:35

Curtal reed making videos, and more

Wouter Verschuren

Victoria Helby

4 January at 12:07

Stop the Closure of the Cass Instrument Makers degree! - Sign the Petition!

419 signatures are still needed!

Victoria Helby

26 January at 10:12

Henle Library” app. Redefining sheet music.

As of today we can put all rumours to rest. It’s true: Henle Urtext has gone digital.

Francis Knights

2 February at 10:22

An interesting video about historical music printing:

Early Music Printing

A video about how music was printed during the Renaissance with examples from the Plantin workshop in Antwerp.

Francis Knights

23 May at 15:35

On the NEMA website, the Fb 'Vibrato wars' discussion all in one huge document, for stimulating reading:

National Early Music Association UK

National Early Music Association (UK) - useful information regarding early and historically informed...

Victoria Helby

1 June at 10:45

Timeline Photos

Telemann is your only #tuesdaymotivation necessary. What's your excuse?

Susanna Pell and Jacob Heringman announce “Twenty waies upon the bels”: a new CD for crowdfunding. Click here for details and to find out how to support the project.

Inganno – Intrepid Academy, Philip Thorby: a new CD for crowdfunding

Click here for details and to find out how to support the project.

David Fletcher

26 June at 18:11

TVEMF has a library with multiple copies of more than 50 pieces of printed music available for borrowing - see the link on our home page

Tamsin Lewis and Passamezzo have a number of CDs.

A wonderful selection of words and music. Although most of these will be unfamiliar to the audience - and indeed to the world at large - this is tempered by the fact that the ballads are often to be sung to well-known melodies.... The versatility of Passamezzo is amazing in smoothly juggling the forces required: lute and guitar, and a variety of viols and recorders, all expertly played. Eleanor Cramer's singing is a delight throughout ”

Passamezzo provide historical music, dance and spectacle for concerts, heritage sites, education, special occasions and weddings.

Christopher John Clifford

10 September at 22:57

NZIEMF is looking worldwide for a benefactor:

In the Otago Daily Times today:

View on Facebook

Francis Knights

29 September

New demonstration video of the historic 1821 Lincoln organ at Thaxted, made by Gillian Ward Russell and the Cambridge Academy of Organ Studies.

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