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    This is a list of upcoming live and online Early Music events
    Most of them are run by one of the regional Early Music Fora.
    Live events listed must be treated with caution for the moment as cancellations may occur.

    If no link is given, go to the relevant website and look for the events page.
    A list of all fora websites is given at the foot. Other groups’ websites may be searched for using Google etc.
    List courtesy of Thames Valley Early Music Forum (Vicky Helby) and other EM fora.

Early Music Events

Live and online workshops


12-19 Run by Singers. Voyage to Odessa (Nigel Perrin)

17-19 Benslow. Frills & Furbelows – tackling French ornamentation and trimmings (Penelope Cave)

19-25 Lacock. Music at Monteconero (Gabriel Crouch)

27-29 Benslow. Baroque Trio Sonatas with Da Camera

Sat 2 BMEMF, CPE Bach, workshop for singers and instruments , George Parris, New Radnor
(details tbc)

10-15 Edinburgh Early Music Summer School (Rory Wainwright Johnston) Lacock

11-17 Chalemie Summer School at Uppingham School in Oakham CHANGE OF DATE

10-17 Run by Singers. Beautiful Bayreuth (Jeremy Jackman)

Sat 16 Lewes, St Michael’s Church, 158 High Street BN7 1XU, 2-6. The Baroque Collective Sing & Discover LIVE workshop: Handel: Four Coronation Anthems
(John Hancorn & Richard Wigmore)

16-23 Cambridge Early Music Renaissance summer school – Mr Byrd’s private music

Sun 20 Irish Recorder and Viol Course on zoom, 7.30pm. A sort of “Desert Island Discs”. Marion Scott, Emma Murphy, Pamela Flanagan, Ibi Aziz and Philip Thorby each introduce a recording of a favourite work, and explain why it means so much to them. IRVC Zoom Events – Irish Recorder and Viol Course

Sat 23 SWEMF 23 SWEMF Turnberries Community Centre, Thornbury - 'Amidst an Ocean full of Flying Fishes' - workshop for voices and instruments (Alison Kinder)

24-29 Run by Singers. Lincoln summer schools (Matt Finch & Peter North)

24-31 Cambridge Early Music baroque summer school – the Fairy Queen

30-6 NORVIS 50 Early Music Summer School at Barnard Castle School, County Durham, for recorders, viols, lutes, harpsichords, baroque strings and voices

31-6 Beauchamp Early Music Week

31-7 Run by Singers. Assisi summer school (David Skinner)


12-14 Run by Singers. Manchester Cathedral weekend (Peter North)

14-21 Baroque Week at Caversham

20-27 Irish Recorder and Viol Course at an Grianan, Co. Louth, Ireland

28-1 Run by Singers. Salisbury summer school (David Ogden)


2-4 Jackdaws. Stylish Baroque (Theresa Caudle and Alastair Ross)

2-4 Cambridge Choral Liturgy course (David Allinson)

Leckhampton Village Hall, Cheltenham - workshop for voices and viols with Susanna Pell, including music by Tyler and Byrd

4-9 Lacock. Trogir Music Week (Patrick Craig)

6-8 Medieval Music in the Dales Summer School

9-11 Medieval Music in the Dales at Bolton Castle. Theme this year is Medieval Women – Music Makers and Muses

9-11 Jackdaws. The City Musick

11-17 Lacock. Lucca consort week (Robert Hollingworth)

Sat 17 NWEMF Convent music workshop for female voices & soft instruments (Laurie Stras)

18-25 Run by Singers. A week in Toledo (David Ogden)


Sat 1 BMEMF, workshop for singers, Sally Dunkley, Shropshire (details tbc)

Sat 15 NWEMF Lancaster. Dunkeld Part Books for singers (Rory McCleery)

Sat 15 EEMF Ipswich.
Missa Dominus Regnavit by Lambert de Sayve (Philip Thorby)

16-23 Run by Singers. Transylvanian Adventure (Jeremy Jackman)


9-12 London International Festival of Early Music

via Zoom - 'A Plaine and Easie Introduction to ... the mathematics of tuning and temperaments', with Clare Griffel


2-5 Run by Singers. Mozart in Vienna (Nigel Perrin)

Sat 3 Dorchester Abbey, Oxfordshire. Advent/Christmas wind and brass workshop (Tim Bayley)


Sat 4 EEMF David Allinson

MARCH 2023

17-19 Medieval Music in the Dales online


8-10 Medieval Music in the Dales at Bolton Castle

MARCH 2024

22-24 Medieval Music in the Dales online


13-15 Medieval Music in the Dales at Bolton Castle

MARCH 2025

21-23 Medieval Music in the Dales online


12-14 Medieval Music in the Dales at Bolton Castle



Sat 25 London. Renaissance Singers concert


9-12 London International Festival of Early Music

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