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Cambridge Early Music

2024 Summer SchoolsApplications will open in the New Year!

Baroque course (21-28 July 2024)

Campra's L'Europe Galante

Laurence Cummings
course director, voice & continuo
Bojan Čičić
upper strings
Joseph Crouch
lower strings
Leo Duarte
Mary Collins,
baroque dance and stagecraft

Love is in the air for this year’s Summer School as we perform selections from André Campra’s L’Europe Galante, an opéra-ballet combining solo songs, beautiful choruses and passionate baroque dance.

Renaissance course (28 July - 4 August 2024)
Daisies, pearls, music mysteries: Margaret of Austria and her Flemish scriptorium

Music by Pierre de la Rue, Josquin, Verdelot and others

Clare Wilkinson course director & voice
Giles Underwood
Tutor TBA
Tutor TBA

Groomed to be Queen of France, Margaret was highly educated and cultured, writing her own poetry (perhaps music too) and creating one of the most extensive libraries of her age. She was a very active patron; Pierre de la Rue was her court composer, and the great Josquin wrote for her. She also presided over the famous scriptorium of Petrus Alamire, source of many sumptuous music manuscripts.

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