Monteverdi Vespers of 1610

4-6 May 2007

Tutor: Philip Thorby
Location: St Stephen's Church, Norwich

Organisers: Selene Mills and Laura Cannell

Laetatus Sum

Rehearsing the 'Laetatus Sum' with soloists Ellen, Mary, Jackie, Geoff, Dennis and Beresford

 Vespers rehearsal 2

Some of the soloists in rehearsal

Vespers 39      Vespers chitarrone

                              A group of solo singers                              Mike Ashley explains the chitarrone

Vespers Selene      Vespers Clifford

   Someone without whom                                     Clifford Bartlett
provided organ continuo 
  it wouldn't have happened                                                                                                   

Vespers 44      Vespers audience

  Loud wind players and friends                                             There was a substantial audience

Vespers St Clement's      Philip Thorby at work

'Lauda Jerusalem' on Sunday morning in St. Clement's                                     Philip Thorby at work

Philip rehearses the instrumentalists

Philip rehearses the instrumentalists


Photos: Andrew Welsh (top two pictures), Keith Briggs and Wayne Plummer (smaller ones), Geoff Huntingford (bottom)

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