Zoom events

    This is a list of upcoming online Early Music events held via Zoom.
    Most of them are run by one of the regional Early Music Fora.
    There are also a few in-person events listed, but these must obviously be treated with caution for the moment.

    If no link is given, go to the relevant website and look for the events page.
    A list of all fora websites is given at the foot.
    Other groups’ websites may be searched for using Google etc.
    List courtesy of Thames Valley Early Music Forum (Vicky Helby) and other EM fora.

Regular Events

Trouvere Medieval Minstrels. Wednesday evenings 7pm on their Facebook page

Fridays 11-11.30 The Telling in Retreat. Medieval singing workshops https://www.thetelling.co.uk/in-retreat (available afterwards). 19/2-26/3 Women in Medieval Music

David Allinson Lunchtime Live every Friday at 1pm

Fridays 1pm. Eboracum Baroque spotlight concerts on YouTube and Facebook (available afterwards)

SingTheScore some Friday evenings but available afterwards https://www.ifagiolini.com

SWEMF are hosting 'Early music chat' on the first Saturday of each month, alternating mornings and afternoons https://www.swemf.org.uk

Online Early Music Forum (OEMF) makes real music online with Jamulus. A regular vocal group meets three times a week, as well as ad hoc instrumental sessions. Details at http://oemf.josquin.com


Tues 13 SEMF 7.30. Talk by Laurie Stras of Musica Secreta: “Dare to declare who you are - Convent music of the medieval and Renaissance periods”. Scores and instrumental parts will be provided https://www.semf.org.ukhttps://forms.gle/uPF9VPWomuUqpeGaA

Fri 16 NEEMF 3pm Lisa Colton, 'Sources of medieval music from the north-east of England' https://www.neemf.org.uk

Sat 17 MEMF 11am Elam Rotem (some may remember him as a SingTheScore Extra guest) talking about Salamone Rossi http://memf.org.uk

Sat 17 10 am NWEMF "Josquin des Pres revisited: the myths, the man and his music". Zoom Presentation by John Bryan. https://nwemf.org/

Sat 17 2.30-4.30 Rachel Harris baroque violin masterclass, looking at solo repertoire including Bach and Telemann, and sonatas by Handel and Pisendel https://www.brookstreetband.co.uk/brook-street-band-home

Sun 18 Benslow 3-5. Andrew Griffiths. Josquin at 500: Jacquet of Mantua’s tribute motet https://benslowmusic.org/index.asp?PageID=3082&dm_i=4N6L,11BT9,6LUN6O,4P9SB,1

Mon 19 HISS 7-8pm. Vivien Ellis. Broadside Ballads workshop 1 https://www.hiss.org.uk/online-workshops

Thurs 22 BMEMF 7.30 pm Rory McCleery 'Compare and Contrast' workshop. Guerrero's 'Ave Virgo Sanctissima', other settings of the motet, and movements from Juan Esquivel's mass of the same name.

Sat 24 MEMF 11am Robert Hollingworth SingTheScore Extra http://memf.org.uk

Sat 24 4-6.15 Sing & Discover workshop. John Hancorn & Richard Wigmore. Mozart: Requiem and Mass in C Minor. A=430: https://www.trybooking.co.uk/YYK

Mon 26 HISS 7-8. Vivien Ellis. Broadside Ballads 2 www.hiss.org.uk/online-workshops ;

Mon 26 TVEMF 8pm. Andrew Griffiths. Venetian music for the feast of the Ascension. http://tvemf.org

Tues 27 Cambridge Handel Opera preparing for Tamerlano 6.30. Julian Perkins and Dionysios Kyropoulos. Production dynamics https://cambridgehandel.org.uk/events/

Tues 27 MEMF 7.30 Jeffrey Skidmore - Ex Cathedra http://memf.org.uk

Wed 28 Bach Choir workshop 6.30-8 Handel: Israel in Egypt choralworkshop@thebachchoir.org.uk

Thurs 29 Benslow 2-3.30. Alison Crum. Jenkins (fantasia) unravelled for viol players https://benslowmusic.org/?PageID=3093


Mon 3 HISS 7-8. Vivien Ellis. Broadside Ballads 3 www.hiss.org.uk/online-workshops 7-9 Bristol Early Music Festival https://www.bristolearlymusicfestival.uk/index.htm

Sat 8 NEEMF 10.30am-12noon. Jacob Heringman. Playing Josquin – an illustrated talk for singers, instrumentalists and interested listeners, with singing/playing opportunities www.neemf.org.uk

Sat 8 MEMF 11am Robert Hollingworth SingTheScore Extra http://memf.org.uk

Sat 8 NWEMF 10.30am Illustrated talk by Deborah Catterall via Zoom: The Musical Mysticism of Hildegard von Bingen 1098 – 1179. https://nwemf.org/

Mon 10 HISS 7-8. Vivien Ellis. Broadside Ballads 4. www.hiss.org.uk/online-workshops ;

Tues 11 Benslow Claire Williams one-day harpsichord course https://benslowmusic.org/index.asp?PageID=3101

Sat 15 MEMF 11am Rory McCleery Clemens non papa http://memf.org.uk

Tues 18 TVEMF Patrick Craig Melodramatic Motets programme exploring the artistic inspirations behind the vivid music of Giaches de Wert. http://tvemf.org

Sat 22 MEMF 11am Robert Hollingworth SingTheScore Extra http://memf.org.uk

Wed 26 SEMF David Allinson https://www.semf.org.uk


Sat 5 MEMF 11am Robert Hollingworth SingTheScore Extra http://memf.org.uk

Sat 5 MEMF Patrick Craig. Henry Purcell and the music of Westminster Abbey http://memf.org.uk

Thur 10 TVEMF 7.30. David Allinson. Josquin transformed into mass settings - Morales, Missa Mille Regretz and de Rore, Missa Praeter Rerum Seriem http://tvemf.org

Thur 17 SEMF Patrick Craig. Josquin 500 - linking heaven and earth https://www.semf.org.uk

Sat 19 MEMF 11am Robert Hollingworth SingTheScore Extra tbc http://memf.org.uk

Live workshops


Sat 22 SWEMF Peter Syrus. Obrecht for singers in Glastonbury


Sat 17 SEMF Emily White for instrumentalists at Headcorn


Sat 11 SEMF David Allinson for singers at Haywards Heath


Sat 16 BMEMF David Allinson for singers in Shrewsbury

Sat 23 BMEMF Mary Tyers for instrumentalists in Yarpole


Sat 6 SEMF Patrick Craig at Haywards Heath

January 2022

Sat 15 BMEMF for singers and instrumentalists nr Leominster

June 2022

Thurs 2 (date tbc) Wales EMF Cymru. Huw Williams on Thomas Tomkins for singers and instrumentalists in St David's, Pembrokeshire

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