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Benslow Music Trust, Little Benslow Hills, Benslow Lane, Hitchin, Herts SG4 9RB

Tel: 01462 459 446 (9am-5pm weekdays)  Email: info@benslow.org  Website: www.benslow.org

In East Anglia the leading source of Early Music instruction is the annual
Cambridge Early Music Summer Schools
which take place over two weeks in August.

The tuition is of a high standard and the college surroundings are magnificent.

Brighton Early Music Festival

Two workshops in 2016:
October 8: Cardoso Requiem for singers, with Deborah Roberts
October 22: ‘Nature’ for loud and soft wind, strings and singers, with Alison Kinder
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Knuston Hall

Scaramella – Music in the Low Countries, c.1500

11 November to 13 November 2016

Tutor: Peter Syrus

For singers and players of early instruments

So many composers in this chapter of music history had an awesome mastery of craft – music flowing from their pens can be glorious, vibrant, and at times rhythmically remarkably sophisticated. We grant Josquin and Isaac the luxury of two sessions, while from countless more worthy of as much attention I’ve chosen Weerbeke, Agricola and Obrecht. The course will be predominantly practical, and is intended for singers and players of early instruments (A=440) confident in a one voice or instrument per part situation. Your application should detail what you intend to offer by way of voice and/or instrument(s), especially if you are not already known to the tutor.

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